Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica.

From this article:Mental health websites, generally, are biased and only biological explanations and procedures. Medication company-funded websites were more biased than non-drug-company-funded sites, and can’t be considered a target way to obtain mental health info, for the general public or practitioners. The pervasive international influence from the pharmaceutical industry in all respects of mental health policy, practice and analysis at this point reaches the internet.After workout, she consumes a protein-rich treat like 5 boiled egg whites. Lunch: Bhumi’s lunch time normally includes multigrain roti manufactured from bajra, soya, jowar, chana or rajgira topped with just a little light butter. She suggests blending each one of these grains collectively to produce a power-packed multi-grain roti. Together with the roti, she eats dal and veggie curry prepared in essential olive oil. She then finishes her meal having a plate of homemade curd or one glass of buttermilk.