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Grease Beast™   Degreaser and Cleaner

Product Information

Grease Beast™   A Food Safe Powerful Industrial Degreaser and cleaner for baked on grease, stainless steel cleaning, ground in dirt, oil based stains. Excellent for use Oil field equipment, tools, filters, pumps, machinery. Ideal for the Hospitality Industry, anywhere a heavy build up of grease and dirt is encountered. Grease Beast™ can be sprayed or brushed on allowing for soaking in.  Time is dependent on desired application.


Applications:                          Restaurants, Hotels, Gas Plants, Maintenance Departments, Industrial Plants, Oil Field Service, Industrial Areas and Institutions.

Directions and Dilutions:
        Please refer to attached Suggested dilutions for your particular application.

Our Solution team will gladly offer their advice.

General cleaning: 1 part GB to 40 parts water.
Heavy oil /grease: 1 part GB to 5/10 water,
Stainless Steel Cleaning: 1 part GB to 20 parts water,
General Exhaust Hood Cleaning: 1 part GB to 10 parts water,
Tough Grease: 1 part GB to 3 parts water.


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Laboratory:                                    Appearance:                      Yellow tint

                                                                Flammability:                      None

                                                                PH at 10% solution:           13.2

                                                                Detergency:                Excellent

                                                                Solubility:                             Water Soluble

                                                 Packaging:                 4 litre container, 20 litre drum, 205 litre drum,


Grease Beast™ has been evaluated and accepted for use in Registered Establishments by the Government of Canada and Canadian Food Inspections Agency. For further information please consult the Material Safety Data Sheets and attached Label.


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