Products & Services – Overview

Chemical Floor Treatments

Slip-Tread Floor Treatments

Resistant Treatment For Ceramic Tile

Cement, Tazzario, Mineral Surfaces

Twenty Five Years Experience Counts


Grease Beast™   Degreaser and Cleaner

Industrial Commercial Degreaser

Food Safe – Registered and Approved by Government of Canada

Tile, Cement, Stainless, Heavy Oil, Grout

Concrete Floor Cleaning

Marble & Terrazzo Cleaning

Canadian Made


National Non-Slip Bath Mats

North Americas’ Premier Manufacturer.

Vinyl Non-Slip Bathmats. Slip Resistant

8X Greater Than National Standards.

Surpasses All Others For Quality and Cost


Bath and Tub Solutions  

Slip-Tread Bathtub Treatments

Vinyl Non-Slip Bathmats. Slip Resistant

Slip Thread Chemical Treatment For All Others

Twenty Five Years and 41000 Customers


Glo Brite Eco Signs, Tapes, Signage  

Photo Luminescent Eco Signage Exit Signs

Markings, Tapes, Slip Resistant Tapes, Flex Track

North Americas’ Primier Distributors

Cost Efficent Eco-Saftey Solutions


Slip Resistant Tapes and Materials  

Stick down Slip Resistant Tape Tracks

Signage, Matting and Non-Slip Solutions

Industries Most Diverse Line representing only the BEST

Manufacture’s Proven Throughout North Americas

Warning Signage, Matting and Non Slip Solutions